PAC Constitution & Bylaws




  1. Name of the Organization

The name of the organization shall be the Parent Advisory Committee, hereinafter referred to as the committee or as PAC.

II.        Purpose of the Organization

The purpose of the Committee shall be to promote and support education, and to contribute to the sense of community at Ellinwood Grade School.

    III.    Objectives

The objectives of the Committee are:

  1. To facilitate communication, understanding and cooperation Ellinwood Grade School and the Ellinwood community with respect for education and well-being of Ellinwood students.

  2. To contribute to school effectiveness by promoting the involvement and participation of parents in the School.

  3. To work with the school staff to promote and provide intellectual, cultural, social and recreational opportunities for the students and families of Ellinwood Grade School.

  4. To organize approved volunteer activities and fundraising events that will provide additional resources and funds for Ellinwood Grade School. The funds will be dispersed by a decision of the PAC in consultation with school staff.


Section 1: Membership

1.1    Membership and voting privileges extend to all parent/guardians of children in       

attendance at Ellinwood Grade School.

1.2    The school administration and staff, as well as other members of the school

community, shall be consulting members.

1.3    There will only be one (1) PAC at Ellinwood Grade School

1.4     Every member will uphold the constitution and comply with these bylaws and any

policies adopted by the PAC.

1.5    A copy of the current constitution will be distributed at the beginning of every year

to all newly elected executives. It will be posted on the PAC website, and a hard copy in the EGS office.

Section 2: Meetings

2.1     A general meeting is a meeting where any parent or legal guardian may attend

with a minimum quorum of executives present.

2.2    An executive meeting is a meeting of the PAC executive officers and invited


2.3    A meeting may take place without quorum, however, voting shall not take place

until a quorum of executive members is present.

2.4    A quorum is considered to be at minimum 50% executive members of the total

current executive at the time of such meeting.


2.5    Times for general meeting will be established annually and will be advertised in

the monthly school calendars and newsletter.

2.6    Executive meetings will be arranged as needed by the PAC executive officers.

2.7    Meeting minutes will be posted on the PAC website and copies brought to the

next general meeting for review and formal approval.

2.8    Ellinwood general PAC meetings shall be help at the school at a day and time

decided by the executive.

2.9    PAC meeting shall follow the objectives set out in our constitution and will not be

a forum for the discussion of individual school personnel, students or parents.

2.10    All meeting(s) agenda’s will at a minimum contain the following : approval of past

minutes, a treasure’s report and new business.

Section 3: Voting

3.1    Voting at any meeting (general or executive) shall only take place when a

quorum is present. All parents/guardians of students registered at Ellinwood

Grade School may vote at general meetings.

3.2    A PAC general meeting is where any parent/guardians of students registered at

Ellinwood Grade School may attend, comment and/or vote at.

3.3    The committee shall act and make decisions by a simple majority vote by those

parents or legal guardians present at general PAC meeting except  as provided

elsewhere in these bylaws.

3.4    In specific executive decisions, with prior agreement, voting can be done via

email to all members of the executive. Majority vote from executive required for adaption of motion.

3.5    A majority vote is defined as 50% plus 1.

Section 4: Finances

4.1    All funds raised by the COmmittee will be help in a designated account. This

account is named “Parent Advisory Committee”.

4.2    All expenditures must be approved by two PAC executive members before purchase can

be made.

4.3    Original or copies of detailed receipts are required for expenditure reimbursement.

4.4    Signing officers have authority to execute banking necessities for the Committee.

However, at least two signing officers must execute any banking documents to have legal effect.

4.5    All monies collect through fundraising must be counted by two individuals.

4.6    All money must be counted and the count initialed on site by at least two people.

4.7    Any statements and/or records pertaining all Ellinwood PAC accounts must be readily

available upon request for viewing by any registered Ellinwood family.